We’re an experienced team with backgrounds as entrepreneurs, strategists, technologists, developers, creatives, and marketers. Our engagements are led by people who have developed some of the world’s leading organizations—working with companies from launch to IPO and beyond.


Malinda Gagnon

CEO & Founder

Boston, MA

Brian Gagnon

CTO & Founder

Boston, MA

Rebekah Collinsworth

Managing Director

Charleston, SC

Why We Do It

We got tired of working for companies that didn’t have the best answers to client problems and decided to build something better. We often hear about these challenges from clients at all stages of growth:

"We’re using this tech platform, but it’s not performing in the way we need, and I can’t afford downtime"

"I know we can learn more from our data, but I’m not sure how"

"I’m spending a lot on ads but I’m not sure what it’s really doing for me"

“We’ve developed a new product and VCs don’t understand the opportunity.”

At the end of the day, most client services models don’t put the client first. Instead, it’s about fitting the problem into what an agency, consultancy or tech vendor has for tools and services.

As an alternative, we created a model that’s built solely on driving results. With every engagement, we look at the entire model–from services, to working relationship, to payment structures—it all contributes in how we can help clients launch and evolve.

Hey, Check This Out

We are a team of curious human beings and we always look forward to connecting, helping, and evolving. Got a new idea? A must attend event? Read a fascinating article? Let us know. We always make time to brainstorm.