Uprise works collaboratively with cross-functional teams and business leaders to identify and understand their ideal customers. By studying client affinities, behaviors, and preferences, along with examining analytics and market trends, we develop personas describing our client’s ideal customer. These detailed persona descriptions include demographics, psychographics, hobbies, media consumption, and interests that later inform messaging strategies and sales initiatives.

Once personas are created, we determine their distinct customer experience journey stages and ensure they align with the client’s offerings. At each stage of the journey, we outline the client’s needs, emotions, assumptions, and roadblocks so we can aptly address all those items through our sales and marketing efforts.

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Before creating sales and marketing plans, we focus on understanding what motivates current and prospective customers to take action. We believe in meeting the customer where they’re at, which is why we put an emphasis on their needs before our client’s offerings.

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Our detailed persona descriptions and client experience journeys become the framework for our sales and marketing efforts. These guide the content we create, the campaigns we launch, and the initiatives we roll out.

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Once customer personas and customer experience journeys are established, Uprise takes action by creating strategies that will best resonate with current and prospective customers and inspire them to take action.

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