All effective business plans begin with a competitive analysis that outlines not only the players, but their product features, core messaging, and service areas. At Uprise, we often find that business leaders have a limited set that only partially considers the competitive landscape. It is generally confined to their market category or product/service type. The actual competitive landscape is typically broader because customers have consideration sets across multiple categories, product types, or services types they are comparing during the purchase journey. We work to uncover not only core competitive sets but to also understand important tangential competitive sets that inform product/service development and go-to-market strategies .

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We define the client’s category and the high-level contexts in which customers find them. We then work to broaden their category to establish new competitor landscapes.

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We research each competitor to understand their market presence, offerings, sales and marketing methods, service locations, and job postings to name a few.

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To best understand what can be a complex environment, we outline the companies within the core landscape, as well as each tangential landscape, and provide context and analysis on all the research conducted.

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