Uprise helps startup founders and emerging companies share their ideas with potential investors and pilot customers. By creating financial projections, fine-tuning roadmaps, and creating compelling, professional presentations to help clients communicate their vision, Uprise is a supportive partner and champion. Our team has sat on both sides of the table—as company founders pitching ideas and also as executives evaluating new companies for investment and acquisition. We applaud founders who understand that great ideas can benefit from collaboration and guidance and are honored to help them reach their growth milestones.

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We get to the heart of things. We work closely with clients to understand why their companies exist and should exist. We want to know what drives them as founders. This crucial first step helps us recognize the client’s vision and communicate it effectively with investors.

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We are storytellers. We use our client’s vision to craft stories that are concise and compelling. We consider the audience and find ways to communicate value and build excitement among potential investors, partners, and customers.

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We help clients put their best foot forward. Once the vision and story are aligned, we help clients package their ideas. We design engaging creative presentations that help clients impress investors, partners, and customers. Additionally, we coach founders on how to present their ideas, products, and companies.

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