Understanding your market opportunity and category context is critical for success. Whether you’re launching a new business or a new product as part of an established business, performing a market fit analysis is an important first step. As both innovators and realists, we conceptualize what is possible and prove whether or not it is practical. We base findings on research, data, and proven results.

From understanding appropriate categories, customer needs, and marketplace fit to establishing the competitive landscape, we are partners in growth and have experience leading product teams and organizations across diverse sectors. We believe in great ideas and will do the research and work to assess feasibility, scalability, and success.

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We start by assessing a client’s traction to date. We review their customer profiles, how their product or service has evolved, and whether or not they are aware of any gaps in the process.

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Once an internal status is established, we evaluate the competitive landscape. We examine competitor offerings and positioning, customer feedback, and industry trends to identify commonalities, differences, and whitespace.

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Our market fit analysis outlines key findings and recommendations for business characteristics, such as customer profiles, product or service features, pricing, sales and/or marketing approaches, customer service, and service area to name a few.

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