Uprise offers agile development services to brands and companies looking to create intelligent, dynamic mobile apps. Whether a company needs to add features to an existing mobile app or start development from scratch, Uprise builds apps that help our clients best serve their audience.

Before development, Uprise works closely with brands and companies to fine tune and understand the ideal app experience across all mobile platforms. This informs the design and build process and allows us to take ideas from prototype to launch.

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Beginning with an in-depth planning stage to map out an app’s functionality and aesthetic, our agile development process allows us to work expeditiously. Throughout development, we provide clients with real-time updates and review opportunities to ensure they are part of the process.

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Developing a release plan before launch, we package and promote apps to maximize their visibility and adoption. We also create and manage the app store page across multiple platforms to maximize user interest and generate installations.

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Apps require continued monitoring and refinement after launch. To help clients evolve their mobile apps, we use analytics data to understand their user engagement and retention. We make recommendations and also optimize the app store page to increase visibility and installations.

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