Reach Your Sales Milestones

Uprise works with e-commerce brands to expand their reach, appeal to their target market, and increase their sales. This is done collaboratively by selecting, implementing, and managing technology platforms designed to meet a brand’s specific sales milestones and business goals.

Experienced and agile, Uprise has supported Fortune 500 retailers, such as Walmart and Target, and served smaller specialty shops and e-commerce startups. Whether selling online is a novel and exciting concept or a current strategy that could benefit from new focus and energy, Uprise supports clients through all stages of growth.


Our Process


We help clients select and implement technology that works for—not against—them. Collaborating closely to understand the unique challenges and needs, we offer clients solutions that ensure e-commerce goals are attained—without paying for unnecessary features or costly subscriptions.


We help clients evolve their e-commerce strategy by optimizing the user experience. Depending on the need, we assess technical platforms, evaluate the shopping experience, and consider ongoing content essentials. This multifaceted approach gives clients what they need to confidently engage with their customers.


We help clients introduce their stores and products to new audiences and grow the audience they have cultivated. We increase site traffic and improve conversion rates by focusing on SEO, social media, and targeted digital advertising campaigns that will drive more qualified customers to their site.


Build Your Store

Select and Configure E-Commerce Platforms

Update and Optimize E-Commerce Platforms

Abandoned Cart Automations

Search Engine Optimization

Amazon Store Setup and Management

Amazon Store Optimization

Reach More Customers

Digital Advertising: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon

Social Media Shopping: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Remarketing Across All Your Digital Channels

Create Loyalty

Newsletters and Content Creation

Loyalty Promotions and Contests

Social Media and Community Engagement

Customer Relationship Management Configuration


When it comes to e-commerce, Uprise doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, we believe clients are best served when technology is implemented to solve specific business challenges. Whether you want to start selling online or improve existing online sales, Uprise optimizes technology to drive sales growth.