Web App Development

From Prototype To Launch

Uprise offers agile development services to brands and companies looking for powerful, flexible web apps. Whether a company is expanding a currently existing web app or starting development from scratch, Uprise will work diligently to create the app our client desires.

Using thoughtful design and strategic planning, Uprise takes ideas from prototype, to release, and beyond. Uprise follows industry best practices for reactive design and works closely with brands and companies to fine tune and create ideal app experiences across all platforms.


Our Process


We start every project with extensive research and planning to find the best technology and hosting options for your web app. We work closely with our clients and document every requirement and feature request to create a wishlist and preliminary schedule.


We begin development by creating an interactive prototype to outline the app’s basic design and functionality. Once the prototype is approved by our client, we begin developing the first version of the web app. During our agile development process, we provide updates, gather feedback, and discuss any changes to our plan. Our goal is to ensure the released product is perfect.


After launching the web app, our team will transition into a post-release support role to respond to user feedback as well as client requests for extra features, updates, and improvements. Refinement is an ongoing process throughout the life of the app to drive higher engagement and user retention.


Prototype Your Ideas

Rapid prototyping

User experience testing

UI design examples

Interactive prototypes

Develop Your App

Agile development process

Clean, user driven design

Cross platform design

Quality assurance testing

Responsive design

Launch and Support Your App

Stability monitoring

App maintenance and support

Lifelong updates

A/B testing

In depth app analytics

Digital marketing