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IT In-a-Box

Full-service IT support service built especially for businesses with ten people or less.

IT in-a-Box is a full-service IT support service built especially for businesses with ten people or less. It has all the features, technologies, and service levels that our larger clients have. Just because you have fewer people doesn’t mean you need substandard IT support and security.

We want to help you run your business more efficiently, securely, and productively.

It in-a-Box includes:

24/7 Service Desk Support

IT Assessment

Security Assessment

Security Monitoring

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We start supporting you immediately. Computer issue? Call us. Networking issue? We’ll take care of it.

These headaches no longer need to distract you from running your business and taking care of your customers. We’ve got you.


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We're happy to answer any questions you might have. Reach out at


You’re a Maine-based company. My business is outside of Maine – can you still help me?

Yes. We work with clients from around the country. Wherever you're headquarted, we can help. Much of our support work is done virtually, and we also provide onsite support when needed, thanks to our network of technicians.

I never thought I could afford IT services as a small business. How do you make it work?

We are expert technologists and set up systems that are efficient, effective, and secure. Because of that, we're able to offer a program that fits the size of your company. We’re also really passionate about supporting small businesses, so we're determined to make it work for you.

Will I get a different team or tier of service than your larger customers?

No way. All of our clients get the same top-level service, whatever their size.

Where is your support team located?

Our IT support team is located in the US.

How quickly can we get started?  

We're ready when you are. IT in-a-Box is a nimble and efficient service that responds to a small businesses immediate needs. Getting the reliable IT service you need is a quick and simple process.


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