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Software Engineering

Software that works for you. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf solution or one that’s custom built, we’ll assess your company’s unique needs, identify the best possible solution, and implement it properly.


Software Engineering Services

Your company has grown (excellent!), but now you’re working with an unmanageable number of platforms and apps – none of which interact with each other in a logical way or function as they should.  

Or maybe you’ve recently purchased an out-of-the-box solution only to discover that the chosen solution requires a heavy lift of implementation. Maybe you’re not even sure if a solution exists to your company’s unique needs and budget.  

We Hear You

We’re a problem-solving engineering company. Our focus is on building solutions in a way that balances value and investment, and our efforts focus on small-to-medium-sized businesses like yours.  

Our engineering team is skilled at flexing into different technology stacks and learning new technical skills, so we’re not anchored to any particular toolset. We’re first and foremost problem solvers.  


First-class value

Our services are an uncommon blend of collaboration and "we've got this."

Roadmap Management

We work with you to create a development roadmap, and we manage it from start to finish.

Proven Experience

Every project is led by an in-house senior engineer, and our expertise extends across many languages and platforms.

Product Strategy

We're experienced at building software products and developing effective product strategies.


of businesses use at least one online platform for marketing and advertising


The ability to control costs is the No. 1 reason businesses outsource


of small businesses use digital platforms for sales

Off-the-Shelf Solutions + Implementations

Our engineering team tackles a broad range of business needs. Sometimes the solutions are off-the-shelf options that we implement to suit unique business needs. We’re well versed in HubSpot, NetSuite, and SalesForce implementations that enable your business to get the most out of the software. Since most companies use multiple tools to do their work, our integrations enable those tools to interact seamlessly. We migrate email and build effective customer portals, as well as e-commerce and inventory management applications.  

Custom-Built Solutions  

When existing solutions (as great as they may be) don’t meet the needs of your business, we build custom solutions that are specifically designed with your company’s particular needs and challenges in mind. Custom solutions are built from the ground up, and our product roadmap will ensure you’re always apprised of the timeline. Once built, we’ll train your team and ensure they’re maximizing the solution to its fullest.  

Our off-the-shelf and custom-built solutions always begin with a thorough assessment of your business’ workflow, needs, barriers, and budget, so we’re certain we’re identifying the best possible solution for your business. And we’re here after the implementation, too. Our 24/7 service desk is always available to you.  

Software Problems Solved

‍We’ve collaborated with a multitude of small and medium-sized companies to assess the challenges and unique needs of each business, identify the best solution, and implement it properly.  

Savings via Integrations
Case Study —

Uprise took an existing CRM and integrated with other key software platforms for a technology retailer and created a better workflow by leveraging automation and existing APIs.

The customer had planned to replace it all with expensive ERP software, but we were able to achieve quick results through integrating, saving more than $100,000 a year.


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