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So You Bought Salesforce. Now what?

Uprise Partners manages Salesforce implementations from beginning to end – including an implementation roadmap, team training, and 24/7 support.

Salesforce is a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline sales and marketing.  

But it doesn’t come straight out of the box fully formed and perfectly customized to the unique needs of your company.  

It’s more like a block of clay – the potential is vast, but additional shaping is necessary to turn it into something useful.  

Salesforce enables more advanced functionality through the purchase of add-on modules. The problem is, many companies purchase Salesforce and accompanying add-ons without really understanding what their needs are, which modules are best suited to meet those needs, and how to implement it all effectively.  

Often times, businesses have fresh-from-the-box software, but it’s not working for them. It requires a level of implementation they weren’t expecting, and the modules might not be the ones they really need. That’s frustrating.  

Other company’s get stalled when trying to choose a solution in the first place. Is Salesforce the best option for their business? Which modules do they need?  

That’s where we come in.  

Uprise Partners is a problem-solving engineering company. We take the time to wholly assess the problem, define the requirements, and identify the best solution.  

Our engineering team is skilled at flexing into different technology stacks so we’re not anchored to any particular toolset. Salesforce is a platform that we have done many projects with throughout the years because we see so many businesses tackling similar challenges with it.  

In an ideal scenario, our engineers advise on the best solution to meet your needs – including add-on modules – to ensure you’re purchasing what you need (and nothing you don’t).  

That process begins with a comprehensive assessment. We dive deep into the nuances of your business to identify workflows, challenges, and requirements.  

Once a solution is chosen, we manage the implementation from beginning to end – including an implementation roadmap and team training.  When the implementation and training are complete, we move into support and maintenance mode and are available for troubleshooting and questions 24/7.  

You won’t be left staring at a block of clay again.  

Here’s an example of a recent Salesforce implementation:  

Salesforce Implementation for a Community Non-Profit

Business Challenge:  

This non-profit struggled to manage fundraising, volunteers, and cases – all crucial to the growth of their organization. They couldn’t track engagement with their newsletter, website, and events, either, which meant they had no way to measure the effectiveness of their communications and outreach.    


Their goals were to provide an exceptional user experience and increase engagement and grow the program. The solution needed to reliably execute on the organization’s development needs with staffing and project priorities.    


After review, Salesforce was the clear best option. Our implementation enabled donor tracking and volunteer tracking, so the organization could easily engage with their most valuable champions. Program management, user tracking, and engagement tools provided essential information on what was working and what needed tweaking. They could now also manage client cases efficiently and effectively – a fundamental part of the work they do – and create a positive and organized experience for the people they serve. In addition, they had robust dashboard reporting at their fingertips, so all the important details could be reviewed at-a-glance in one spot.    

This implementation was a 6-month project from assessment to implementation and training. Following training, we transitioned into 24/7 support and maintenance.  

If you have questions about software you’ve already purchased, or you have questions about what software might best suit your company’s needs, reach out to us. We’d love to talk with you about it.  

Read more about the Uprise Partners approach to software engineering: Problem-Solving Software Engineering: The Right Solution the First Time  

Brian Gagnon

Brian is a seasoned technologist boasting 25 years of expertise in crafting, expanding, and refining business ecosystems. His journey in the tech landscape has seen him at the helm of Global Systems Engineering at HGST/Western Digital, shaping strategies as a global architect at VMware, and founding and steering tech companies towards success.

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