2021: Year of Digital Transformation

Companies with digital transformation projects on the back burner are now forced to get moving. While this can be a difficult transition, it's worth it.

2021 is the year of digital transformation. Why now?

77% of CEOs are putting digital transformation at the top of their priority lists. Because

  • More than 66% of the US workforce went remote last year. (Deloitte)  
  • 47% of SMBs don't understand how to protect their organizations' IT, while security threats are increasing. (SCORE)

2020 forced many organizations to a remote workforce and digitized many aspects of work for the first time.  

"This is a wake-up call for organizations that have placed too much focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience. Businesses that can shift technology capacity and investments to digital platforms will mitigate the impact of the outbreak and keep their companies running smoothly now and over the long term."  

Sandy Shen, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner​

Companies with digital transformation projects on the back burner are now forced to get moving. While this can be a difficult transition, it's ultimately worth it. Business productivity is about using systems efficiently and allowing technology to do as much work for you as possible, regardless of where you are. Organizations that adapt to this new environment see increases in productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, and decreased security threats.

Last year, Uprise Managed Services helped a company save $1M from efficiencies and increased productivity. We began the partnership with CTO as-a-service to assess business needs and build a long-term strategy and short-term tactical plan. 

The Uprise IT team implemented a fully-managed help desk and IT support while remediating security risks and operational challenges. We developed and implemented a security strategy, IT budget, business continuity plan, fully documented IT infrastructure, and updated hardware and software to comply with security and industry standards.  

Getting it right is not easy – it's not called "transformation" for nothing! It's possible to truly transform your business with the right partner and unlock additional value and profits – and guard against potentially crippling security threats.  

Please reach out
if you want to talk about your IT challenges. We would love to see how we can help.  

Brian Gagnon

Brian is a seasoned technologist boasting 25 years of expertise in crafting, expanding, and refining business ecosystems. His journey in the tech landscape has seen him at the helm of Global Systems Engineering at HGST/Western Digital, shaping strategies as a global architect at VMware, and founding and steering tech companies towards success.

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Uprise monthly newsletter —
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