Make IT Run More Smoothly Every Day

Is your IT humming along, or is your team constantly accommodating IT that simply doesn’t work for you the way it should?

What’s the most ridiculous IT-related issue you’ve experienced?  

At a previous job, one of our team members worked on a laptop with a defective display that only worked when she opened it at just the right angle. She’d spend several minutes incrementally adjusting it forward and back to get it right, and if someone bumped her desk while her laptop was open? Poof, the screen went dark, and the process started again.  

One of my other colleagues worked at one of the largest companies in the world and they didn’t have a remote work policy and more importantly a tech process to support that. As a result, whenever she had a problem, she had to physically bring her laptop to an office that was 500 miles away. These anecdotes sound absurd, but they’re precisely the kinds of things companies in every industry deal with every day. They get so accustomed to workarounds (even the very inconvenient workarounds) and barely adequate fixes that they become the norm.  

When we step back, we can recognize how those workarounds and breakdowns negatively affect our business.  

They’re highly frustrating, for starters, which is not good for team morale and motivation. But they also waste time and money, pose security risks, and are the roots of inefficiency.  

So, when is the last time you stepped back to look at your systems, applications, and devices? Is everything humming along, or is your team constantly accommodating technology that doesn’t work for you the way it should?  

Now consider this: IT that runs smoothly every day.  

What might that look like?  

Devices start up and function as expected. Applications are up-to-date and speak to each other seamlessly.  

Files are safely stored, regular security scans catch incoming malware threats, and routine backups and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensure your data is retrievable in the event of a hack or systems crash.  

There’s little drama in well-maintained IT. No traffic jams to access one application to log their hours, no team members spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get their computer screen to simply turn on.  

Teams easily share files and connect with each other, and ample storage space means someone doesn’t have to routinely delete files (which you might discover you need later).  

It’s like driving a well-maintained car: the engine starts without a thought, and you easily get from point A to point B. When systems are working as they should, you don’t have to think about them.  

And should there be an issue (we’re talking about technology here – and even the best technology might experience a glitch now and then), a reliable 24/7 IT help desk team responds and resolves it quickly.  

Does your IT function so well you barely have to think about it?  

If not, we’d be happy to talk about how to make your IT run more smoothly. Reach out.  

Malinda Gagnon

Malinda is CEO at Uprise and has more than 20 years of experience in business strategy and technology at companies including Google and WPP, and has advised clients such as Procter & Gamble, General Electric, VW, BlackRock, and Walmart.

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