Introducing IT in-a-Box: Full-Service It Support for Small Businesses

Uprise Managed Service’s IT in-a-Box is built especially for businesses with ten people or less.

Your company’s IT is fine. Aside from the occasional systems crash, which brings work to an abrupt halt at least twice a week, things work well enough. On the upside, you’ve had plenty of downtime to organize your desk drawers.  

There’s also that persistent network issue – team members can’t reliably access the files they need or even get online sometimes – but Johnny over in accounting is really good with computers, so he’ll pop over and fix it when he has a free moment.

And yes, the computers are old, no one knows the last time the company’s systems were backed up, and you’ve clicked “later” on more security updates than you would care to count.  

Maybe your company’s IT isn’t fine.  

But as a small company with a half-dozen employees dedicated to the daily functions of the business, who has the time or resources to bring your IT up to standard?  

Uprise Managed Services does.  

Your business is small, but that doesn’t mean your team has to struggle along with sub-par IT, which ends up costing you valuable time and money – not to mention the headaches.  

Full-service 24/7 IT support is available to you – the exact same expertise, promptness, and problem-solving the big corporations get.

Uprise Managed Service’s IT in-a-Box is built especially for businesses with ten people or less. It has all the features, technologies, and service levels that our larger clients have.  

Need help desk support at 8 p.m. on a Tuesday or Sunday morning? We’re here. Need your systems backed up or hardware and software support? We’ve got you covered. And if you lack confidence in your current network security, we’ll take care of that, too, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

IT in-a-Box also includes proactive monitoring and alerts, infrastructure management, disaster recovery, and patching of all systems. If your company needs to purchase new hardware, we can assist with that, too (with an improved warranty and pricing, to boot).  

With IT in-a-Box, your business runs more efficiently, securely, and productively. Getting started is simple, and we start supporting you immediately. We take care of computer issues, networking issues, and security gaps, and we keep a vigilant eye out to prevent future issues that disrupt your work and put your systems at risk.

It’s a robust package of services, all provided by our experienced Maine-based technicians, who typically respond in less time than it takes to clear your email inbox of this week’s spam.  

We’ve got the credentials, too: Uprise was named one of North America’s top 100 security firms in North America and one of the top 500 Managed Services Providers. Our CTO led technology implementations at 60% of the Fortune 500.  

We’ve serviced the complex needs of big companies, and now we're elated to bring that level of expertise to small businesses like yours - because your work matters just as much.  

To learn more about how our IT in-a-Box can help, please reach out.  

Brian Gagnon

Brian is a seasoned technologist boasting 25 years of expertise in crafting, expanding, and refining business ecosystems. His journey in the tech landscape has seen him at the helm of Global Systems Engineering at HGST/Western Digital, shaping strategies as a global architect at VMware, and founding and steering tech companies towards success.

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Uprise monthly newsletter —
Get our latest news and updates!