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We’re an engineering company that loves problem-solving. Our focus is on building solutions in a way that balances value and investment.

What’s the best possible way to solve the problem while keeping within the given restraints – typically timeline and budget?  

That’s the foundation of our approach.  

We’re a problem-solving engineering company. Our focus is on building solutions in a way that balances value and investment. Our engineering team is skilled at flexing into different technology stacks and learning new technical skills, so we’re not anchored to any particular tool set.  

We certainly have extended expertise in some technologies, which helps inform how we assemble our teams for client work, but we’re first and foremost problem solvers.  

There is a time to “make it work.” Using the vinyl tablecloth as a poncho when it starts to pour during your summer potluck is a good example.  

When it comes to your business, though, it’s crucial to choose the right solution the first time. That means taking the time to wholly assess the problem and define the requirements, which saves loads of time (and money and headaches) along the way.  

Our engineering team tackles a broad range of business needs. Sometimes the solutions are off-the-shelf options that we implement to suit unique business needs. Sometimes we build custom solutions, designed with one company’s particular challenge in mind.  

Often, we’re solving the sorts of issues that face many companies: We’re well versed in HubSpot, NetSuite, and SalesForce implementations that enable businesses to get the most out of the software. Since most companies use multiple tools to do their work, our integrations enable those tools to interact seamlessly. We migrate email and build effective customer portals, as well as e-commerce and inventory management applications.  

Here are some examples of problems we’ve solved for clients:  

SalesForce Implementation for a Community Non-Profit

Business Challenge:  

This non-profit struggled to manage fundraising, volunteers, and cases – all crucial to the growth of their business. They weren’t able to track engagement with their newsletter, website, and events, either, which meant they had no way to measure the effectiveness of their communications and outreach.  


Their goals were to provide an exceptional user experience and the ability to increase engagement and grow the program. The solution needed to reliably execute on the organization’s development needs with staffing and project priorities.  


After review, SalesForce was the clear best option. Our implementation enabled donor tracking and volunteer tracking, so the organization could easily engage with their most valuable champions. Program management, user tracking, and engagement tools provided essential information on what was working and what needed tweaking. They could now also manage client cases efficiently and effectively – a fundamental part of the work they do – and create a positive and organized experience for the people they serve. In addition, they had robust dashboard reporting at their fingertips, so all the important details could be reviewed at-a-glance in one spot.  

NetSuite Dealer Portal for a Flooring Company

Business Challenge:  

The company lacked the ability for their dealer partners and sales reps to quickly access information or their accounts, creating delays and inefficiencies in the business.


They required an improved user experience for both dealer partners and sales reps, one that would allow for real-time accounting, sales, inventory, and marketing data. In addition, they wanted to be able to self-manage their account.  


Following our initial discovery of their current interface and processes, we determined NetSuite was the best tool to meet their specific needs. Once approved, we developed our technical roadmap and project plan. From there, we built a custom dealer portal that enabled real-time access to the company’s accounting, sales, marketing, and inventory data. Sales reps and dealer partners could easily track product, finalize sales, submit invoices, as well as stay apprised of marketing efforts, engagement, and effectiveness.  

Kaseya + HubSpot Integration for an IT Company

Business Challenge:

The company used multiple tools that did not speak to each other, opening the door for duplicative or misplaced information, inefficiencies, and frustration. In this instance, neither Kaseya nor HubSpot were functioning optimally – features went under-utilized and overlaps only caused headaches. This was a good example of how many companies operate today, purchasing disparate tools for particular work. Without integration, though, neither software ends up serving its purpose effectively.


The company needed to validate specific scenarios and triggers to create a data flow in either direction (from HubSpot to Kaseya AND from Kaseya to HubSpot). They also needed a method to pull in order and customer history and detail into HubSpot for customers who exist in both locations, custom fields in HubSpot to maintain the updated Kaseya data, and a cloud application layer to interface with the HubSpot API and Kaseya BMS API following best practices.  

They also needed the project framework to allow for future fields and automations, should the need arise to integrate further between the two technology platforms – a wise and forward-thinking approach.


Following a thorough assessment of needs, our team mapped out a Kaseya and HubSpot integration that enabled customer and order information to be seamlessly shared between applications. The integration included HubSpot onboarding, with a comprehensive workshop-style deep dive into best practices, and how to fully maximize their investment. The integration allowed for future growth and changes, an aspect to tool utilization every business should consider when purchasing and implementing new technology.  

Having the right team to translate business needs to projects, and to execute it seamlessly, is critical.  

By choosing a trusted engineering partner, businesses can enjoy many benefits such as reduced operating costs, improved technology capabilities, increased technical support, and more focus on core business drivers.  

Want to talk about your business’ needs and solutions? Reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.  

Malinda Gagnon

Malinda is CEO at Uprise and has more than 20 years of experience in business strategy and technology at companies including Google and WPP, and has advised clients such as Procter & Gamble, General Electric, VW, BlackRock, and Walmart.

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